Five Card Story: God will make a way

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a Five Card Flickr story by Amber created Sep 30 2020, 12:10:55 pm. Create a new one!

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When I was in high school I have a lot of friends. I thought that was the best thing that I could ever had. I'm very friendly. I thought all of my friends are real because I always there when they need me but the truth is I was wrong. Just because they hang around me doesn't mean they are my friends. people pretend well, at the end of the day real situation expose fake people. Not all your friends have a good intension to you, some of them will betray you. There is a time that my friend wants me to join their session which is drinking alcohol and taking cigarettes. I knew that is not good so I rejected her then, tomorrow morning I heard some bad comment about me from the girl that I rejected. She slandered and insult me, Just because I rejected her. I was hurt that time because I can't believe she can do that to me. I had no one to approach that time. So many thoughts comes to my mind. I walk out and find some place that I will be alone Until I saw a church. There's a whisper in my ears saying that, go to church and surrender your life to God he is the one you needed. When I entered the house of God that was the satisfying moment that I ever felt. The joy that I felt was priceless and unexplainable. I felt completed. I say that time, I was lost but know I found thanks God. That time I became stronger. I thought that everything's happened for a reason. God gave me a new life that's full of positivity and happiness.

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