Five Card Story: In their eyes

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kathleen created Oct 02 2020, 10:06:04 am. Create a new one!

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"She's a gem." A friend of Kathleen said. Confusion plastered on her face.

"Who?" She asked, but it seems like no one heard her. Kathleen repeated what she said. Still, didn't work.

"Kathleen?" Another friend asked her question.

"Yeah. I miss her." Her friend said. "She always smile and laugh. (Pic 4) Like she has no problem at all. She never leaves us. Kathleen is a great friend. (Pic 3) She always has stories to tell. Remember? She always takes care of her brother and sisters. (Pic 2) She also treats us like her own sibling. I miss that."

"Yep. She always stands on what she said. There's something to learn from her words. She knows how to speak or choose words that fits our understanding. (Pic 1) That's why she's a great teacher as well. We quickly adapt and understand what she thought us or specially those things that is complicated to us." Her another friend added.

"She blooms like a flower. (Pic 5) Beautiful. She doesn't need to show up or make an effort to grab attention. She'll be notice quickly because of her skills. Effortless. Like a flower, right? We picked something that caught our eyes. She's like that. She shines on her own. Like a white rose in a field full of red roses."

Kathleen cried on what she heard. In their eyes, that's what she is. In their eyes... she shines.

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