Five Card Story: Experience that influenced my personality and philosophy

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I am the third in three children and I am the only girl. Being the youngest and the only princess was not always easy. However, as I gotten older, it gives me some advantages. Growing and maturing, I became more independent as my brothers does not want to talk to me especially about girl stuffs. Therefore, I figured it out either on my own or with my mom; sometimes with my friends too. If others are treated like a princess, as for me, I was treated like a punching bag. They always teased me and made me cry. However, I learned how to be strong and brave. I learned how to turn my tears into fierce. But the crybaby side of mine is still within me. Aside from that, I also witnessed how life can turn into upside down. How it can be easy, hard, and playful sometimes. Through out my existence, I am learning how to ride in the roller coaster ride of life. I also witnessed how my mother became strong in every challenge along the way. That's why turning High School, I became more hard working and persistent for I want them not only to be proud of me but also divert their negative emotions into celebrations because their only girl is doing her best to make them happy and proud. It may sound like a lot of pressure. But I am using my experiences, family, and friends to be my fuel to strive more and be strong no matter how hard life would be.

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