Five Card Story: A Journey through Life

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a Five Card Flickr story by Emily Shayne Abong created Oct 06 2020, 01:41:34 pm. Create a new one!

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All my life I have been bounded by chains that keep me from moving forward. I keep on doing the same thing, resulting in a fiasco. I became fully oblivious of what I am doing leading me to a path of nothingness. I have lived my life in solitude building walls that are harder to break. I consciously have built a wall in view of the fact that I was afraid to let anyone in or be part of my life. I carry it around hoping it can shield me from the ugly truth of this world. Until it created a new version of me that can live a new life different from my past. And just like the remnants of the building that is in ruins, at some point, my life has turned into complete ruin. We are ruins ourselves who wanders around in this so-called earth we are living. But these ruins are proof filled with what I have experience in life, a reminder of my struggles, hard work, and pain. However, I became fully aware of the fact that there is beauty in these ruins. I was moulded and reborn into a masterpiece from these ruins that once have destroyed me. Just like the sunset and the sunrise, which both symbolizes reset and rebirth. My journey that has already ended does not truly mean it is the end, because once the dawn is breaking, a new chapter of my life has begun.

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