Five Card Story: How i became an alien

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a Five Card Flickr story by james created Oct 06 2020, 02:21:07 pm. Create a new one!

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So one day i was driving a car right and i went to a friends house when suddenly, BAM i woke up in a strange garden and i tried to find my way home but it eventually became night and i was walking down a street, it was dark and i had a bad gut feeling. All of a sudden some trash can started talking i thought i was loosing it or something from the lack of sleep but then a dude stands up behind the trashcan and he was like 20 feet tall i was shocked, then he asked me if i wanted to become an alien and i jumped at the opportunity and i was lazer beamed down into the ground when where i then blacked out!!!
2 days later i was awoken by a loud buzzing and thenn my day repeated, i was back in my car but instead of my car it was different it was a red sporty type car and then i went to my friends house as i did the previous day where i was once again transpoted to some type of garden and this time it was like it was the perfect garden the flowers were blooming and the grass was as green as grass is supossed to be, where i once again went into the ground but when i woke up again i was in a tattoo shop and i was like 20 feet tall. I then spent the rest of my life as a 20 foot tall alien.

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