Five Card Story: The Cult

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a Five Card Flickr story by Josh created Oct 06 2020, 02:21:08 pm. Create a new one!

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On the night of Halloween, 3 kids decided to go and get candy. The kids names are Steve, Jill and Jack. Jack and Steve saw this really gloomy looking house with a red light flickering, Steve and Jack wanted to go see if anyone was home but Jill was afraid. Jill: Guys it is not safe out here, we have enough candy lets go. Jack: No, we are checking out this house you coming? Jill did not want to be outside by herself so she decided to go with them. As they were walking to the house, they heard loud sounds coming out of a shed in the back yard. This shed was tucked in a forest with a rusted, dirty car in front. Jack and Steve had a race all the way there. They slowly opened the door and saw 6 individuals with masks on starting at them. One of the individuals said: What are you doing here? Get out or else we will get you. The kids ran as fast as they could and eventually found an alley to run in. They didn't realize the alley was blocked by a brick wall and all the could do is hope they don't get found. They heard people talking and then Steve said: They know everything, Jill and Jack are here, take them away. They can

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