Five Card Story: The Woods

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a Five Card Flickr story by Nathan created Oct 06 2020, 02:23:59 pm. Create a new one!

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"Hey, Wake up!" I hear, waking up with an entire crowd staring at me. Where was I? What just happened?
I'm hearing too many people talking in the background to focus on one voice. I feel dizzy. I manage to wake up a little more and gain my consciousness as I hear "Hey can you hear me? Are you okay?"
"Y- Yeah.." I mumbled, wondering if he even heard me. I felt like I was about to pass out. FOOD. I needed food. "Where am I? How did I get here? Who are all of you?"
I asked. Do they know who I am?
"I understand you might be scared Joseph, but please, come with me."
"How do you know my-" All of a sudden I felt a pain in my head, not a headache, but stronger. This is a migrane.
"Follow us. Do you want anything? Are you hungry? Do you need some water?" I didn't trust them, but I needed this more than ever right now.
"Yes please. I need food."
They drove me to a restaurant and I finally got what I was craving. I still felt sick though. "

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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