Five Card Story: A Life Worth Living is a Life Lived Agreeably

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In this world full of materialistic things, being agreeable for majority of the world's population is probably hard, as you have all the things in the world that you cannot think anymore of the intangible things. However, at some point lacking agreeableness is one of the reasons why we don't have unity. You may have gone to different places, traveled to different countries, but if you are not considerate enough about other people, you probably won't live a life worth living. In order to have a great bond with other people, with nature, and with yourself, you should be open enough to other people's opinion as they might have seen or experienced other things that you don't know yet, and vice-versa. If you listen to other people, they would listen back to you as they would really appreciate the fact that you lend them an ear.

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