Five Card Story: cold

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a Five Card Flickr story by prima joy paydoen created Oct 13 2020, 07:08:26 am. Create a new one!

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zaylee found herself in a deep sleep, where everyone's gone ,where no cares, no one hear and no one see her . as she walks trough this dark space, she heard a voice saying " you have to choose to live or to die?" she was scared and sigh "i dont know what to answer" the voice then ask here again "to live or to die" . she keep on thinking that maybe this is the time to let go of the past and live she then answer "to live, i have to live". "you should stay here , you can't live their" like a video her past life replay . she was so sad and heartbroken that she cried " i know i have done that, everything is my fault " "they will not accept you anymore" the voice said. but then zaylee remembered the good memories and sunddely realize that in this darkness the people around her never give up on her . "i need to live! they loved me and cared for me!" she cried. then suddenly she woke up in her bed and sigh "that was a scary dream" and she said to her self "from now on i will be better and stronger"

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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