Five Card Story: A Girls Day

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It was an early foggy morning, when I awoke to my mom knocking on my door. I opened only half awake. She said to me "You're not going to school today, lets go shopping."I had been feeling under the weather emotionally and I think she had noticed. I got dressed and I was actually really excited. Me and my mom had a very close relationship, she was my best friend. When we got into down there was a sale at a store and we both knew we had to check it out. We were suckers for discounted items. After we had hit a few shops our appetites had grown from all of the hard work we had done picking out clothes. We went to lunch, and she let me chose where to go. I ended up deciding on sushi. Finally our day had concluded, but the traffic was awful. There was some construction that was utterly pointless. And after what seemed to be an eternity we got out of it and back onto the county roads. As we were driving we passed a barn. I don't know what it was about that barn but something about it called my name. But I ignored it and continued home.

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