Five Card Story: A Walk to Clear My Head

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One chilly fall day in 2020 right before the election, I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. Though the day was gray and rainy, I couldn't help but notice the dry patches in the otherwise green grass. The lack of rain had been bad lately and made me climate change angst unusually high that day. This was part of the reason why I decided to go on a walk to clear my head.

Nature is extremely grounding to me. I love going into the woods to lose my minds and find my soul. I normally love hiking in Southern Illinois' Shawnee National Forest, but today, a simple walk in a green space would have to do.

As I walked, I was pleasantly surprised to see the emerging fall color among the foilage. After several days of warm, dry weather followed by a sudden cold snap, it was refreshing to see that Fall was indeed here. The leaves were changing, the weren't fried of scorched by excessive heat, dryness, or cold. They were popping, and they were beautiful.

As I walked, my mind drifted to the excessive violence and hatefulness of this world. The election was creeping up and I just wanted it to be over. I wanted the right people to get elected who would care about the entire health of the world and all its inhabitants. But that seemed like a pipe dream at the moment. Oh the troubles of being an idealist!

Then I started practicing mindfulness by turning on the Calm App. It was the sound of rushing waves and falling water. I immediately entered a meditative state. I imagined that I was drifting along water without a care in the world. My footsteps became light as a feather. My breathing become steady and rhthymic. I knew after this walk was over I would go home and take a nap. A nap clears my head just as well as a walk does.

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