Five Card Story: A Little Bow

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The darkness of the ally reflected off the walls. One little lamp post was placed on the wall. The has been out for a long time, or someone stole the bulb. No electrocutions have been here to replace the light. Everyone around here is scared of the dark spooky alley. I guess I could see why. Graffiti scales the walls, and even in the day when the sun light glares at us all, the light never reaches the alley. The folk around here call it the Siniestra Alley. Everyone is afraid of it. Mothers will never let their children anywhere near the alley. But I think the darkness is comforting. So here I stand in the mouth of the alley as the darkness covers the sky. I slipped my hands out of my black cotton sweater pockets pulling my hood over my head and dragging the black mask resting on my chin up to my nose. I placed my hands back in my pockets and strolled into the darkness of the alley. I practically grew up in this alley, so everyone here are no strangers to me. I passed by Julies and Anthony, spraying more colorful pictures on the wall. They gave me a friendly wave as I paced. I nodded in return. I passed though I big group playing cards. They suggested that I play next round, but I kindly declined the offer. I passed many more people as I walked farther down the alley. I branched off in to a smaller little passageway and it finally opened up to a large grave yard. I've passed though here so many times, I could say the names on each gravestone, the words with it and where it is in the graveyard. I swiftly passed though the rows and rows of gravestones until I finally reached the other end. I swung open the small gate that leads to a small neighborhood at the end of town. I wandered down the streets. I passed over fifty doors until I finally came across the door number that I was looking for. I trudged up the steps and knocked softly on the door. I waited no one came to the door. I knocked again, louder this time. The door swung open and I was greeted by a boy around the age of 19. I kept my head low as I walked though the doorway. I raised my head to a familiar view. I was at this house a lot when I was younger I was mainly here to hear stories from the man that was now sitting on a lounge chair only a few feet away from me. I strolled in the room, taking a quick glance around. It wasn't long before my attention was on the Christmas tree at the end of the room. On one branch was my favorite ornament. A small light brown teddy bear with a cute little red bow attached to it's neck. I pulled it off the tree and held it in my hands. Holding it brought back memories that I had long forgotten.
"Keep it." announced the old man in the chair
I clutched it tight in my hands and reach out to the man for a hug. We talked for over an hour. It was pitch black when I finally step outside. I breathed in deeply and headed home. I passed many familiar faces on the way home, silently nodding as I passed. I reached my front door and pulled out a key. sliding it into the lock I could hear the faint sound of my ca waiting on the other side for me. I swung my door open and got leaped on by my fat furry cat. He purred as plumped down on the couch softly gliding my hands though his thick fur as I sunk down to sleep.

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