Five Card Story: Sunday Stroll

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When I lived in London, I walked nearly everywhere I went. I couldn't drive, not that I would have wanted to, because the traffic was pretty frightening no matter the time of day. I didn't mind walking, unless the temperature dropped below 0 C. I didn't quite like that.
On this particular sleepy Sunday afternoon, I was walking to church in South Kensington. The building was about 1 mile from my apartment, and I had to walk through many alleys with little pastel colored town houses, ivy growing on the walls, and Volkswagon cars parked out front. I always wished I could live there someday. Inside the houses, from the windows I could see, were posh sitting rooms with modern desks and several rows of book shelves like a library.
After passing through the alleys, I came upon a graveyard before the church. I've always like grave yards. They make me feel a weird since of nostalgia, even though I wouldn't say I spent a particularly long period of time in them when I was younger. The air in grave yards is much more peaceful than out and about in town. I appreciate the silence too.
Upon arriving at the church building, I was reminded of a castle. The church is rather large and victorian looking, with two towers at the front. Inside, the ceilings must be 50 ft tall, with elaborate paintings along the top. It must have taken years to complete with such detail. The stained glass windows are my favorite part though. They fill the whole back wall with bright colors and images of the early church. When the sun shines through, little rainbows dance around the white walls along the pews. I could sit and take in the artwork in church for hours without even realizing it.
Actually, that's what happened this evening. After the service, I hadn't realized everyone had gone but me and a few of the welcome staff members. It couldn't have been too long, but I guess I was sitting long enough to bring about some concern. Two young girls, probably my age, sat down beside me quietly and stared at the ceiling and walls with me. After a while of the 3 of us sitting in peaceful silence, one of them, Amber, introduced herself softly. She said she was impressed that I had could be so content. The other girl, Vee, remained quiet for a while. I think she was praying for me. I didn't really have any particular requests, but it was nice that she thought about me. This was the first time I had spoken with London locals for longer than a few minutes. I had been hoping to make friends who could tell me about the real London life. The three of us decided to make a date for tea the next day, because that's just what people do here apparently. Life is a lot simpler here, even if it seems busy in the hustle. There's a lot more time to reflect when you're walking, looking, and taking moments in instead of focusing on the destination in a car. I don't mind walking so much.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) keepps (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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