Five Card Story: The never ending road

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a Five Card Flickr story by branden Zeitone created Jan 26 2021, 07:55:05 pm. Create a new one!

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It was a cold February morning and I was getting ready to pack my bags and leave to set out on my journey. I wanted to start a new life for myself and forget the past . Leaving new jersey and setting my eyes on a rural town in Montana , no neighbors and just peace and quiet . My car however broke down in the middle of Minnesota which made me very depressed as it started to rain and I was stranded but I knew deep in my heart I could not give up now . I tried to hitch a ride but no one would pick me up . I walked all the way to this church were I met this friendly pastor and he decided to help me out and drive me to my promise land . However half way there the man suffered from a heart attack . I started to lose hope in my way to my town of my dreams . Everything just kept going wrong which bothered me tremendously . So i dug a grave for the pastor which made me uncomfortable to the farthest extent . I was still driving his car and kept driving by these gloomy gray buildings . Hours later I get to North Dakota where an old lover of mine have recently moved too just to pay a visit . Rain covered the street so I quickly ran to her front porch to say hello , she welcomes me in and says sorry for the past . I forgive her and just kiss her as I leave but before I do I leave her a bouquet of her favorite flowers . I am very close to my dream town in Montana and have just crossed the state border . My smile shined up the street and my tears of joy have drizzled the tar , I could not be any happier . Thirty minutes away I run over a deer and it dies on impact leaving my car badly damaged . At this point I wanted to just give up but I couldn't so I walked the rest of the way . I am now 52 years old and that was my story what felt like the never ending road . Things kept happening to me when I tried to reach my goals .

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