Five Card Story: Always Here

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a Five Card Flickr story by Melany Estrada created Feb 02 2021, 04:10:41 am. Create a new one!

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As the sun rises so does a young girl. Outside the air smells new like the rain of last night had just washed away everything and brought a new world. She walks past her mailbox down the road to school. When her eyes meet with the school's entrance doors she turns back and runs away as fast as her feet will take her. Her feet do not stop until she stands in front of a building once beautiful and full of culture now only a fast-food restaurant. The door opens and a bell rings, showing her entrance. No one looks up they know exactly what's going on. It's the same as every year the girl stands at the entrance, bows her head as silent tears roll down her cheeks. With a right jab, she breaks the silence of respect that had been in the room
"Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your master."
The bell from the door rings once again as she leaves. Her feet take her to the next stop of the day. Walking through the same path she has taken once a year for the past 3 years. She steps past the rest of the stone stopping at one with a beautiful bush of primroses. She kneels and bows her head
" Master, I miss you it truly doesn't seem the same without you here. It feels like when you were here I got my happiness but now that your gone so is that light that made my world better."
Hours pass before she finally stands back up. One last bow and she turns towards the forest that stands on the west end of the cemetery. She walks straight into the heart of the forest where a lake reflects the beauty of the forest. Memories flood back to her long with even more tears. A snake slowly slithers out of the lake's waters and appears to stare directly at the girl. Noticing the animal the words begin pouring out.
" I know that I appear weak and I apologize master it's just been so hard without you. Mom says I need to forget about you but she doesn't understand the way you changed me and my life. You changed the way I saw everything you've made me stronger, smarter, and prouder. Once again I apologize for being so weak master but your something I don't care if I cry about every night even I don't ever want to let go of you. I'm ready to start fighting again I won't hide in the shadows and pretend I'm not that girl they once looked up to. I mean you probably already know they think I'm crazy, but they're about to see just what you taught me. I'm done hiding I think it's about time they see what you left as your inheritance."
She looks at the snake and bows. Then she leaves ready to make people remember her master for generations to come.

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