Five Card Story: Another Brick in The Wall

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a Five Card Flickr story by Bryan Flores created Feb 06 2021, 11:48:33 pm. Create a new one!

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This story begins with a man straying around his small town, back slouched and feet dragging. It's autumn so he's wearing an oversized black hoodie. some joggers and regular sneakers: black as well. On his walk, he notices an ad for a college and he can't help but recall how he was once offered a full ride to a college but dropped out a year into his journey due to personal issues. He convinced himself and others around him that he would return to finish his degree and that his "break" from school was temporary. It's been seven years.

It's no surprise feelings of guilt and shame smothered him. It always has bothered him, However, this day it disturbed him more than usual. He felt imprisoned by his emotions. Apart of him would like to return to school and earn a degree because he knows this will increase his chances of becoming successful, but the other side of him is fearful of the same outcome: dropping out after a couple semesters. His physicals self is free, but his spirit is trapped in a jail cell and its struggling to get out.

Overwhelmed by his emotions, the man gets on his bike in hopes that cruising around will help ease his mind. He rides around town for hours upon hours but he doesn't get any better. His mind only continuous to race. His mind only continuous to doubt. His mind only continuous to, yet again, add another brick to his wall.

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