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-There is more chicken being eaten in America than can be produced. So are they making fake meat to sell? These chickens cant even walk because their legs cant hold up their body weight. They are pumped with chemicals to make them grow bigger than they ever should. The chicken we eat isn’t even healthy anymore. They use so many antibiotics to keep thousands of them alive in cages where they fit them all smushed together with their feces. Because they treat them with antibiotics to grow it is making humans less treatable with antibiotics for sicknesses. This is because eating these antibiotic filled chickens speeds up our development of drug- resistant bacteria.

-People say that GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) help our food supply because it creates “more nutritious food”. That they are able to now take positive traits of a specific food and create more of that desirable outcome. They continue the argument with “we create selective breeding so that we can leave the faulty ones behind and speed up the process”.
-We don’t know most of the side effects of eating all of this. The truth is that this genetic engineering can create foods that will cause allergic reactions or toxic reactions in our bodies and harmful genetic changes which will be seen as they are passed on. These engineered foods are not what was meant to be eaten by any living being and they actually are a lot less nutritious than any of the foods we ate 70 years ago.

-“From 1990 to 2013, global poultry production increased by 165 percent.” (Vox). 9 billion chickens raised per year in the United States which 10,000 at a time are jammed into almost pitch black “warehouses that are longer than football fields” (Vox). Drive through Georgia roads and you will see row after row of windowless sheds. Not to mention the excrement that is spread along crops as fertilizer and actively leaking into the nearby water supply “killing aquatic animals for miles”. Most shockingly, “The poultry industry is given a license to use America’s public waters as its own unregulated, open sewer system”. I won’t start on the greenhouse gasses any animal farming creates.

-All of this needs to be taught because a lot of people don’t know the backstory of what is in our food. We need to stand up and educate ourselves so we are able to change this and so many more things that are ruining our bodies and our earth. The people in power of these companies just produce what will sell and this is what seems to be selling because of the misinformation and miseducation.

-We need to throw out the bills that are allowing this to happen and begin to take responsibility for the health of our country. By letting this continue we are allowing businesses to rule our future health and allowing them to profit off of it. It’s so sad that it is pretty much impossible to completely get away from the harmful chemicals in our lives.

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