Five Card Story: Mask Vs. No Mask: Should there be restrictions for the safety of all?

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Introduction (Pic 1):
All U.S. citizens should be required to wear masks when in public during the pandemic for the safety of all.

(Pic 2):
It should be required for everyone to have on masks when in public, to not only protect you and your family, but others and their families too. If you are not wearing a mask, you could infect someone unknowingly who has a small child at home and that could be dangerous because their immune system might not be fully developed enough to fight off a sickness easily. Therefore, you could bring extreme danger to people with weaker immune systems.

(Pic 3):
Not wearing a mask could lead to many unneeded deaths, leading to the need of more cemetery space and grave stones.

Counterargument (Pic 4):
Some might complain that masks are restricting them from their fresh, natural air, like air you would breathe in while visiting a national park. They say it is causing them to not be able to breathe properly. There has been some evidence found by the American Lung Association that prolonged use of the N-95 mask (used in medical settings) by people with preexisting lung conditions could cause some build up of carbon dioxide in the body.

Conclusion (Pic 5):
However, I believe people should not have as much of a worry of being in danger of getting sick while in public. We are all better off wearing a mask in public to not cause an interference to anyone else. Wearing a mask provides a pleasurable public experience, with less worry, during a pandemic for all. Even with pre-existing lung conditions, you likely would not be wearing an N-95 mask in public, so there is no danger. We should all be required to wear a mask for the well-being of everyone.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) krutscjo (5) bionicteaching

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