Five Card Story: The '66 Chevy

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At the town hall meeting, the men tended to dominate the conversations. This afternoon's topic was the influence of Amos Peuter on the income of the town. It had unexpectedly become a draw for the curious and artistic around the state. Many of the old-timers were not interested in the artsy people. "Creeps" George called them. "Not interested in normal things. Peuter, for God's sake. Really? A bakery. That's what we need. Not one of them fancy Nancy coffee places, neither." "So true" joined in Seth, George's neighbor. Them places can't even call a large a large. Gotta call 'em Grandys or somethin'"
A few hours later, one of the artistic young women showed up at George's Pull and Take Auto Spot. It was really just a junkyard, but George's wife, Dorothy, would never let him call it that -- too ordinary. The woman asked George about the 1966 Chevrolet he had sitting on the side of the building. George told the young "artsy-fartsy girl" (as he described her to Dorothy) that the car was not worth the ground it was sitting on. She asked him how much it would cost her to take the car. When he quoted a reasonable price, she called her dad to come pick her and the car up. The car became Lilah and her father's love project. As they worked together on the beauty, she and her dad laughed about things they had done when Lilah was small. She remembered sitting on his lap as he drove down the streets of their small town. (That would never be allowed today, Dad remarked.) It was the best summer they had together and broke the monotony of sitting in the doctor's offices and waiting rooms. When she left the mortuary on the snowy road, she put his ashes in the front seat, his favorite spot in the whole world.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) whistlepunch (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) cogdogblog

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