Five Card Story: The Mayor And The Library Thief

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Exposition: Mrs. Sharptooth, the Mayor, of a small town called awake solid (opposite of sleepy hollow) was giving her annual speech outside of the city library

Rising Action: While giving her speech the Mayor spotted the town thief sprinting out of the library with a sack of books. "Help! Somebody stop him!" The librarian shouted.

Climax: The Mayor chases after the thief as fast as she could. She chased the thief into the woods near a stream of water. The Thief was cornered, so the Mayor jumped on the thief and they both tumbled into the stream, leaving the sack of books on dry land.

Falling Action: The Mayor woke up in the hospital, finding that she broke her arm tackling the thief but was relieved to find out that the thief had been captured and the books were returned to the city library.

Resolution: A ceremony was held for Mrs. Sharptooth at the town hall banquet. "Mrs. Sharptooth is not only the Mayor, but the town hero. Thanks to her no more books will go missing from the libraries" the assistant Mayor Declared.
and everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

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