Five Card Story: Spring walk

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I woke up and poured a bowl of milk and cereal. I ate my breakfast and looked out from the window. "It is such a lovely day, I'm going to walk to work!"
Near my apartment are growing a lot of trees. Despite winter long gone, they were sleeping silently, showing only their bare branches and skin. I walked near them and watched two magpies building their nests and smiled. 'Small magpies are very cute, I can't wait to see them later. Hopefully, they will fly around soon!'
My walk continued further, through the big park. Here, I noticed something else. The smaller trees, growing near the ground, and other bushes have started to change from grey and brown to fresh green. Finally, first leaves! Spring is officaly here! Soon there will be more motorbikes and older cars on the streets, as people will enjoy longer and warmer days, full of sun and gently breeze. Soon there will be street sellers with juicy watermelons for sale, competing with each other to sell more of their fruit baskets. Soon the Spring will be replaced by Summer, by hot days, calm nights full of concerts, street performers, and by small, local church nights with musicians playing old and new songs for their audience in church benches. Can't wait for these lovely days!

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