Five Card Story: Mary's New Beginning

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Mary was tired. It had been decades since the last time she had surfed. After graduating from the University of Hawaii with a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, she followed a man named Jimini Christmas to the east coast where she burned up most of her 30s supporting him on a teachers' salary while he tried to get his podcast about the Appalachian trail off the ground. In an ill-advised attempt to save their relationship Mary agreed to marry him. Now Mary's name was ridiculous, too. Now here she was, divorced and back in Hawaii after a long plane ride. She checked into her hotel, waiting to give a presentation on equity at a conference in Honolulu. As she sat on the balcony of her hotel room she found herself longing for a surfboard. At that moment, she noticed a pack of kids with Kalihi Kai t-shirts dragging what looked like an old church door down to the beach. Mary was excited because she had taught for 5 years at Kalihi Kai elementary school so she yelled out to the kids to see what they were doing. Sure enough, they were going to surf on the old wooden door. She told the kids that if they let her catch a couple waves on their makeshift surfboard she would buy them a couple of plate lunches at the food truck on the beach. Mary had a glorious time feeling the saltwater, sun, and waves on her skin. As she flew back to the east coast from her conference, not the networking, not the breakout sessions, and not the adulation from attendants at her session stuck with her. Instead, it was that door, the Kalihi Kai kids, and the view outside the window on the plane that left Mary with a feeling of satisfaction and a commitment to put herself first from there on out.

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