Five Card Story: Western Skys

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On a cold morning an old man walks on the porch with a cup of coffee to look out towards his hay and corn fields. But his face showed pain because it was the hottest summer ever. The water supply was at a demand and so was hay. But the farmer could do so much because the river was slowly disappearing and becoming a draw. He had to get 3 more cuts before winter comes or he's going to be in dete and lose his property. So he started watering the fields and they growed with the little water he had left. He climbed in his swather and did his hay field and worked into the night. 3 oclock came around and was finishing baleing the field but he had to pick the bales up still. 5 oclock final came and was on the last stretch of bales to pick up. 6 oclock came and he’s hopping out of his tracker with a tired lip in his walk going toward his house.he goes to bed and wakes up with a few hours of sleep because he has to load the bales on the trailer to go sell them. He climbs into the tractor to load the bales onto the truck. After he loaded them up he started to climb up into the simi he noticed something in the sky it was a bald eagle as he watched the eagle he saw something fall out of the sky it was a feather from the eagle it landed next to the truck. The farmer climbs down to pick it up. Remember that eagles are good luck so he puts his hat band on his cowboy hat. As he's driving down the interstate he hears on the radio of forecasts of rain the next 5 days he starts praying it will because he needs two more cuts in. On his way home it starts to rain. After 3 days of raining the river was full and so was his pond. He had enough water to do more cuts so the next 7 weeks he was haying.Winter hit and he was counting his money and he had enough to save the farm.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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