Five Card Story: A day with nature

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Today was the day I knew would be the best day ever! I had so many fun things planned and I couldn’t wait to get started with this adventure! When I woke up, I started with a nice walk in the park with my bike. I sat on the grass and just looked at the beautiful blue sky while I used my backpack as a pillow to lay down. After about an hour of just admiring the beautiful blue skies and picking flowers, I then got onto my bike and headed to my uncles farm to go see their cows. My uncle had three cows, each cow has a awesome marking on them that made them each unique in their own way! Buttercup, she was the oldest cow on the field, she had a nice light brow color on her that made her noticeable from far away! Magic, he is the second oldest, he has a pattern of brown and white. And finally Brownie. Brownie was the new calf that my uncle got recently. Brownie is so cute and loving and he has dark drown skin that makes him kind of hard to notice when he is a huge filed of other cows. While I was heading to my uncles farm, I got see some of the people walking by, they all told me good morning and wished me luck on my travels! Once I got to my uncles farm, there were those beautiful flowers that were growing in the front of his house that I used to admire all the time! The flowers that were growing were sunflowers. When I was younger, the sunflowers were small, but now after a few years, they have become fully grown and absolutely beautiful! After I admired the flowers for a few minuets, I had went to the back of the house to go see the cows. They were all being fed and being milked. I gave the cows a little bit of food myself, gave them a few pets, got back onto my bike and went home. When I was heading home, I had nothing but a smile on my face from the amazing day I just had. When I headed down my street, my neighbors had noticed my smile and thats when I got off my bike and told them my amazing day!

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) cogdogblog (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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