Five Card Story: Sandwich

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Everyday growing up, I’d get a sandwich from our family shop. It was a small town with hardly any people and hardly any restaurants, especially sandwich restaurants. Growing up, I’d bike over the hill near my house and grab a sandwich, then meet some friends and go eat them over on the benches near the park. It was a meeting place, where all problems were dropped and my friends and I could just have fun. My pops would give us sandwiches and we’d be on our way. During the school year, the shop was our first stop everyday after school. We’d grab a bite and go hang out in town until it got cold. When winter came around we would stay in the shop and play games until close time, then we would help my dad or grandpa clean up the kitchen. Sometimes they would give us some of the tips for helping out. This happened about three times a week until we were about 14 years old. That's when high school started. When high school started all of my friends started sports and got other friends. This kind of stopped the amount of times we were at the shop. No matter what, I was still there everyday. I got a job there and was working as much as I could to make up some money. Occasionally, someone from the group would stop by and get some food after practice, or study group. But for the most part the only time we saw each other was during school. My best friend, one of the few that stayed after high school started, would meet me at the corner of the shop a few times a week after work, and we would eat some of the leftovers. One day all of us would reunite at the shop.

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