Five Card Story: never judge a book by its cover

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Never judge a book by its cover!!

Hi, my name is Andrew and my past life has been very difficult. Let me tell you a little bit about how I got as wealthy as I am today.
When I was young my childhood was not the best. My parents were very poor. We were white people living in the “Hood”. Not the best place.At the time when I was in fifth grade I was not the best student. So the last few months of my 5th grade year I decided that I didn't want to live how I was my whole life. I wanted to have a good high paying job and I wanted to be able to not worry if I was going to get evicted or not. But when I actually started paying attention in my classes and taking my time on the state tests I realized that I was pretty smart but everyone in my school including the teachers did not believe it. They thought that since I was poor and had bad grades in my past that I couldn't change.After I started getting good grades I started noticing the teachers and students making comments like “faker, and cheater”. Even the teachers thought that I was cheating to get good grades. That's how it was until my freshman year in high school. I found a person that actually believed in me and believed that I did my own work that year was the best of all my years in all of my school experience. After I got out of high school I got a full scholarship to the University of Michigan. Once I was in college I wanted to create my own business, so after I was done with my 6 years in college I finally started my own business. My business was a construction company and after a few years of hard work I started getting repaid for all that hard work. About 10 years later I just turned 38 and I own 2 major franchises and a construction company.
The meaning of my story is that you should never judge a book by its cover because you never know they might end up like me. What I am trying to teach people about is that when I failed I never stopped trying to get what I wanted and another life lesson is that it's never too late to change.

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