Five Card Story: The girl that walked alone

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Walking alone can lead to your life being in danger. This all started when one girl decided to walk home mid day. You would think nothing can happen, well you're wrong. When all of a sudden she hears a loud motor coming from a white milk truck, they pull over acting as if they had a flat tire. The innocent girl decides to help, little does she know this will lead to danger. She gets pulled in the truck so fast she didn't even know what was happening. After 15 minutes of driving she felt as if they were not on a road anymore, the truck then came to a sudden stop. They were in the middle of a corn field with very high grasses. She gets out and runs faster than she ever has before, as the cool breeze is grazing her face. The poor girl was running for a few miles as the truck was following her, she finds a place in the corn field to hide until the truck passes. The girl finally hears the motor noise get less and less loud. When the milk truck is gone she then keeps walking, the grass she is passing gets lower and lower she then enters a new field. This field is low grasses that smell so fresh, she then hears birds chirping so she knows it has to be late at night. After walking for a long night she comes to a building, it looks as if it's a hotel. She then goes into the building and gets help as soon as she can. The police were called and so was her family. The girl finally got home to safety. Now when she walks alone she takes many precautions and is always aware of her surroundings. The message she wanted to give off is to be safe.

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