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February 12, 3021

Dear mom,

Letter to my mom down on earth. It's the year 3021 and the aliens have taken over earth and sent us to space. I'm not sure if you remember the tree we used to hang out in. It was large and covered our entire house. It had pink leaves and smelled amazing. The worst part of us being on a different planet is there are no trees or animals . Only hot sand and large rocks. Oh and our space ship however sense we left there has been many people moving into our ship and it's getting crowded. I'm sure that earth is absolutely trashed with spray paint and trash everywhere. Just like those trains that we used to use. They were covered in spray paint. I remember how the aliens look as well. I wonder if they have changed at all like frogs you know. They were dropped in slime to protect them from air and were kinda like fish. They smelt awful. I remember when you tackled the alien to save me. Its also awful that the world went up in flames. It was so hot and global warming really made a difference. It was hot every day even in the winter. The snow melted immediately as soon as it formed and it ended up only being one season a year. You know lately its been getting lonely with just me and my brother. We made a toy globe of earth with all of us on it. Its made out of paper mache and paint. It's amazing with all the features. It has You, dad, my brother, and me. Along with many of our friends that are on the other ship. I heard they made land on jupiter and are living in the eye.

Love Torin

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