Five Card Story: abandoned child

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there was a man. this man thought he wanted to have a child but when he did have a kid, it was just him and his son and he realized he didn't want to have a kid at all because it turns out raising a child by yourself sucks. the son ended up being a pretty unhappy kid because his dad was the worst and probably on drugs all the time but he still kind of loved his father. one day after five long years the father was like i'm done i don't want to do this for a second longer so he said to his son "come on son i'm going to take you on a really fun adventure" and the son was very excited because his life had been really boring. so the dad took his son to the woods and said to his son that they were going to play extreme hide and seek. so he dropped his son in the middle of the woods in a pile of mud and literally just ran. so the child was abandoned in a muddy forest and he didn't even realize that his dad left him. he had fun at first, playing in the mud and become friends with all the little creatures that lived in the forest and even found a little creek where frogs would jump around and tiny fish swam. but as the hours passed the kid connected the dots and realized that his dad was sick of him. so he started to walk away, trying to find somewhere to stay as the son was starting to set. the son walked for a very long time until eventually he left the forest and found a really old neighborhood that looked kinda sketchy. he saw a building and walked inside because it was basically his only form of shelter and it was cold. the building was basically abandoned except for a kitchen that still had some food in it. he cooked himself a little dinner because he was hungry and pretty smart. as he ate the food he realized he had a pretty good talent for making himself yummy meals. and he was like oh dang this is thai food and realized he had a passion for thai food and eventually opened his own thai food restaurant within a matter of weeks. it did pretty well for a new restaurant because people loved his food. the son was able to get money from all his customers and he thought that now he had money- something his dad did not have. maybe he can find his dad and give him a better life. so the boy ventured off back where he came from- the forest. he yelled for his dad and walked through the forest. as he was walking he wasn't looking at the ground and he tripped on something."ow," he said. "what was that?" he found a large glass bottle with something weird inside of it. he was immediately intrigued and thought he found something cool. so instead of continuing his search for his dad he decided to drag the bottle back to his restaurant to investigate and look for his dad tomorrow. when he got home, he realized that thing inside the jug was beeping and the lights on it started flashing. "oh man" the kid said. "is that a bomb?" the son had no idea what to do so he just ran. and right when he ran out of the building the bomb went off and destroyed his thai restaurant. his home and hard work was now nothing but a pile of bricks and ashes. the smell of garlic was almost suffocating. so the little boy had nothing to do but to cry and run away once again back into the forest. where he belonged.

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