Five Card Story: Friday The 13th

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I rolled out of bed this morning and checked my phone. Hopped in the shower and got ready for school. I check my phone and realize itś Friday the 13th. I hate the way I'm already feeling this morning, it kinda just feels like the day is off. I look outside and all I can hear is the wind howling and the leaves crunching, and that's how I knew the day was going to be weird… I say bye to my mom and rush out the door, to start heading to school. The walk is only like 3 blocks from my house so I'm thinking what could even go wrong on this walk. I walked past a very scy highway and witnessed a very scary tailbone crash. Three white cars piled up on the road. I saw it with my own eyes right in front of me. I was very scared. Then I turned around and an old lady with a bag grabbed my shoulder and said “young lady are you doing okay.” I turned around in shock and said um yes ma'am why? And all she did was walk away. I was so weird out… I keep walking to school, only having one block left till I'm there. I sat down in my first class of the day and just like that the day was already over. So I walked home from school and the lady that talked to me before school was lying in the road by a car. She looked dead so I called the police and they rushed over. They told me she was dead… WHAT A WEIRD DAY!!!!

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