Five Card Story: The Gate

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The gate.

It was all I've ever known.

The trees had blinded me from the sunlight. I can't seem to know what lies beneath the large gate. It scares me, the mere idea of passing through and seeing what else the world can offer for me. Fear? Death? Losing everything I've loved once I get through the gate?

No, it's not worth it. They've told me to stay inside. Don't bother, you'll be safe here. There's nothing to save you but the gate.

So I listened. Since I was a little child I kept on listening. I wouldn't bother, I wouldn't look. The only reason I'm alive is because of the gate. What else could I have known? Will my innocence, my joy, all faded to the ground once I get through the gate? It was so important, it was all I wanted to see when fear envelops me.

Then I saw this shell.

A small shell, so bright and cute. I wanted it, I wanted to know what it was. But no, it was beneath the gate.

I panicked and looked back, I see everyone staring at me. No, she's crossing the gate! I'm scared, I'm stressed out. I run away, passing through the gate. It's not fun, it's so hard.

But I got through.

I was wrong.

I had to pass the gate to learn to never fear,
to try even if life will make you down, even if life will tell you never to get through.

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