Five Card Story: The US must be more ambitious in order to reverse climate change.

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The United States should take a more ambitious approach to reverse climate change because it negatively affects plant life, marine wildlife, and mankind.


Some would argue that climate change is a natural phenomena which has no connection to human activity, or that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be reabsorbed by plant life. However, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration asserts that carbon dioxide levels have risen from 317 ppm in 1958 to 415 ppm in 2019, which is an unprecedented increase. This increase can only be explained by human activity.

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Additionally, the use of fossil fuels to create energy harms the environment by producing CO2 and CFCs. One way to combat this is to place solar panels on rooftops which currently have none. This way, buildings can use clean energy.

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Moreover, the practice of raising livestock to create food generates up to 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. Methane, in particular, is produced in vast quantities by livestock, and damages the ozone layer. One way to combat this would be to eat less meat and more plant-based food.


Overall, it is evident that climate change is a burden to the environment. Both politicians and people in the United States should be more ambitious when trying to reverse climate change. There should be laws passed which reduce greenhouse emissions, and ordinary people can adjust their diet or lifestyle to help with this effort. By doing this, marine wildlife, plant life, and people can have a brighter future.

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