Five Card Story: Why the conventional ways of "being healthy" aren't actually the best

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Introduction (Pic 1):
The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused a lot of changes in life, and a main one is being at home a lot more often. While this can be nice in some regards, it certainly presents challenges, such as having to find different ways to stay healthy. It's tempting to want to just lay around and do nothing!

Pic 2:
However, living an unhealthy lifestyle has its consequences. While pizza is delicious, eating JUST pizza can leave one feeling...icky. So how CAN we stay healthy in this new time?

Pic 3:
It seems like people are always giving extreme tips to live healthy lifestyles, such as "run five miles daily" or "drink some spinach water." While it is true these things are healthy, they are not desirable and will not actually encourage healthy living. The key to healthy living is making sure a person is doing what THEY enjoy.

Pic 4:
A great example of this is walking your dog. You get to spend some time with your beloved pet and enjoy the great outdoors, while also getting a good workout. Could there be more healthy but unappealing activities to do, such as jogging a few miles? Sure. But a person is much less likely to even begin doing something they don't enjoy doing. So it is worth it to do something moderately healthy, because there is a much higher chance of someone consistently doing such an activity. The same can be applied to food. Some people would prefer to consistently eat fruit, which they enjoy, rather than eat vegetables, which they do not enjoy, and may eventually skip altogether.

Pic 5/Conclusion:
Additionally, people can expand on these moderately healthy activities. Say, for example, you choose to walk your dog further and further each day, until eventually you can take your dog hiking. Hiking is an activity with many health benefits, and something one can enjoy due to having their dog with them.
In conclusion, when trying to stay healthy, setting ridiculously high expectations is not going to work very often. Setting smaller, more enjoyable goals is more likely to work in the long run, and can even evolve into bigger things.

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