Five Card Story: Speeding 2

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a Five Card Flickr story by Logan Castro created Sep 22 2021, 12:39:12 am. Create a new one!

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Introduction (Pic 1):There should be no speed limits on public roads. Speeding reparations are unfair and should be wiped.

(Pic 2): All cars have the ability to go fast, I believe that is for a reason. Why drive a car if you can't push it to the limits, or experience it to the fullest? If you're not the type to drive fast, don't. Pretty simple.

(Pic 3): People may say speeding kills, in fact in 2020 there were 38,680 people that had died from a car accident. And taking away speed limits may lessen or increase that number.

(Pic 4): Driving fast can also be turned into a recreational activity, making racing more mainstream and apart of everyday life. Driving is apart of nearly everyone's life today, why not be able to fulfill it to its best potential? Minimal road laws in other countries show beneficial outcomes, with less deaths on the road than the United States. So why not?

Conclusion (Pic 5): Although people say that speeding kills, I find that with the correct mandate, no speed limits can benefit drivers on the road to where they are going. Especially due to the example of other countries following the same idea. It wouldn't be a requirement to speed, but with the freedom in your vehicle I feel would benefit other drivers including myself.

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