Five Card Story: Defund the police

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Picture 1): "whoop whoop that the sound of the police, whoop whoop that's the sound of the beast!" Police officers are a daily figure in our lives, yet recently there has been a call to "defund the police" and maybe its for the best

picture 2) When we say "defund the police" we really mean putting money into other services that could better serve the community. For example giving that money into construction work in which it not only gives work to the members of the community but as well as helps the public in general with broken roads and side walks. "Defunding the police" really means putting that money into the citizens, the economy and the public works of the community.

Picture 3) We've as a country have been investing too much into our police force for years and as time goes on it becomes more apparent how many deaths have come out of police brutality. The time for change is now, we have seen that more cops, more guns only leads to more violence not order and its time we put those same resources into something more beneficial for all of us.

Picture 4) Now of course many nay sayers of the "defund the police" movement will say that our "institutions" will fall, that justice won't be delivered and criminals will rule the streets . Yet this is entirely untrue, should we make programs, better jobs and other development programs for our citizens we stop them off that path before it even begins. We can give all our citizens a better way of that won't have to force them into a life of crime.

Picture 5) While yes the police are an integral part of our world, lets not forget who they are here to serve. Defunding the police isn't meant to disregard what they do but more of to focus on the citizens they protect. That the money should be going towards things that will make our life better, fuller and happier. Things that will turn dying communities into thriving ones, to which we will all succeed together.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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