Five Card Story: Save The Planet II

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We all share the same earth and it is our responsibility to try and preserve it. Whether you are looking at nature from outside your window or on top of a mountain you will always be fascinated.

Climate change is a real thing and it is something that everybody should be concerned about since we all live on the same planet. It happens every day before our eyes and we need to stop or definitely slow down the cause of climate change. A warmer world makes for longer growing periods for plants which means they consume more water and it dries up the earth.

If you live on the earth it is your moral responsibility to look out for nature and help maintain its health and beauty.

Although climate change is happening some people believe otherwise and others just don't care. A large group of people who are against the climate change movement is people of the older generation who will not be around to see the effects. If it will not cause you any problems then it is not your problem. Climate change is something that just isn't a part of their time, like how black and white television isn't a part of ours.

Ultimately, climate change is an issue that everybody is dealing with together regardless of if you acknowledge it or not. It has to stop for the sake of the world and only we can make that happen.

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