Five Card Story: Nostalgia: the memory of an alternate life

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a Five Card Flickr story by David Melchidez created Sep 23 2021, 06:18:49 am. Create a new one!

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Every time I walk on the streets of our neighborhood when going to school, I feel something that is hard to explain. The beautiful well-lit alley gives off a bitter-sweet feeling like the feeling of relief and longing every time I finish a particular show or series. The feeling is far from bad, and it is one of the best but hard to come by, so I enjoy it most of the time. “Nostalgia” that is what they call it, a weird phenomenon that happens to all even if you are not familiar with the term. In the past they believe that “nostalgia” is associated with guilt often used to condemn criminal of their doing. But through intensive research and study psychologist proves that “nostalgia” is not a terrible thing that only the guilty experiences, it is happening to all. But what we knew about nostalgia in the past is not too wrong. It happens every time something that has a significant meaning from our past crosses our mind. It may be one of those old drawings from your childhood that depict you being happy with your friends, or it could be the old window from your house where you usually played your guitar before. The feeling of loss while being satisfied only means that you are thinking about yourself or your alternate self if you could have taken a different path or decisions in life. The guilt that we feel every time this happens could be us rethinking and reevaluating what we did in the past few years of our lives. It only makes me wonder if there are other ME's that exist in other universes, makes me ask if one of them became the person I always wanted to be. I love to indulge with the illusion that I can change something if I am given a chance, but reality brings grief and longing. Life is so complex in which every action you make can lead you to endless possibilities and feeling nostalgic can be associated with your regrets in life. It may be funny to think that the memories we see when we feel nostalgic are our memories from our past lives, but you are free to think of that that way; but if you are not a believer of reincarnation those memories are things you wish you had the chance to experience. “Nostalgia” is fascinating because it makes you sad and happy at the same time, and it is one of the best feelings that you can experience if you could just look around.

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