Five Card Story: Plato

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1.Basically. He says that the self contains the mind, the spirit and the appetite. The appetite is likened to desires, both good and bad. This needs to be in moderation. The spirit is what drives us to do things (“courage") and the mind is what is rational(“wisdom").

2. Plato was highly influenced by his teacher Socrates, who also was highly influenced by the Orphic. The Orphic believed in God, not just in the Gods, and they also believed in the immortality of the soul. It is amazing to study old Greek religion, because you can see an incredible similarity with Christianism. Only that the Greek atmosphere was much more respectful with any kind of ideas than Christianity.

3. Plato is an example of a rationalist. He says that sense experience fails to provide us with any guarantee that what we experience is, in fact, true. The information we get by relying on sense experience is constantly changing and often unreliable So if we can show that an opinion or belief we have is based on these undoubtable principles of thought, we have a firm foundation for the opinion. That foundation is what allows us to think of a belief as more than simply opinion; it is what allows us to identify the belief as justified and true, and that is what is meant by knowledge.

4. Plato suggests that before we were born we existed in another realm of being (the realm of the Forms). The shock of being born makes us forget what we knew in that realm. But when we are asked the right questions or have certain experiences, we remember or "recollect" innate (inborn) truths. So if we existed before our births, there is every reason to think that we will continue to exist after our deaths.

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