Five Card Story: Christian life

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Christian life isn't easy because there are many challenges and hardships that you need to encounter as a christian.You have to manage your time in chruch,in your family and your friends especially in your studies. As we christians we have to live like christ and we need to follow of what was written in his word. "But human as we" we are not perfect, we made mistakes, All of us we have flaws so sometimes we made sin unintentional but we are thankful because after all Still the lord fogives the hard thing for us christians is that we are not innocent in everything, we already know what is right and wrong but sometimes its hard for us to stand what is right because like what I've said were not perfect. But the goodthing is still God is faithful just to forgives us. And as christians there are many problems that comes in our life even you are not a christian you also have problems but we have different solutionss on how to overcome this, there are more people they commit scuicide because of their problems, anxiety and depression. But the goodthing for us christians we have the knowledge that scuicide is not the solution to get through out of the problems. We know that God will help us and he will never leave us. He can be your conqueror for all of your heaviness.

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