Five Card Story: The Missing Children

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One day there was a husband and a wife, with three kids. Their three kids were all one year apart and their oldest was in 5th grade. They never really had much but seemed like a happy famiy from the veiw of others. The three children got out of school early so the husband and wife decided to go out to the beach. The whole time the husband seemed off and not his usual self. 5 years prior he had gotten out of a mental hospital and his past is quite rough. but the wife had a very good childhood and was raised in a stable home. Later that day when they got home the husband wanted to take the 3 kids out on a trail walk the wife wasnt sure how to feel about it because it was late at night but she still let them go. Meanwhile when they were out the wife was doing cleanup around the house about an hour went by when the husband burst into the door yelling the kids ran away from me and I cant find them. the wife was very confused because the husband was soaking wet. a few days later the husband dissapeared for 3 hours. the wife was concerned so she went to go find him. she went over the bridge and found him dumping something into the water, she asked many questions when he got into the car with her but gave small responses. Its been bout two years, and the children where never found.

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