Five Card Story: Codrus Plato

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On the first image Plato's philosophy is connected to progress of human being. It explained that human is like a plants. The plant is undergoing a process also it has the greatest contribution to our society. Just like human we are undergoing in a process and we also have greatest contribution in our society as well. Plants are making its own food by photosynthesis process and producing oxygen just like human we also undergoing a process to nurture ourselves to become a better person in order for us to have a contribution in our society. After the process plants will bloom into a beautiful flowers and as a human after of all the process and trials that we encountered we will also bloom and become a good person.

Moving on, the second image shows that a young boy is trying to fit himself in a small net and same to what Plato says in his philosophy that Every individual should devote his life to what is best fitted for him to do. the message of the image is the young boy has a desire to be fitted in that net
and in that scene his attention is on that net only. As a human just like what Plato said if we want a certain things or position we need to be devoted which this certain things is fit to our ability, strength and power.

On the other hand the thoughts of third images is connected to Plato's philosophy. Plato says "The truth would be literally nothing but the shadows". Like the luxury car in the image you can only see the outside appearance but you didn't know the inner side of the car. If we will see this luxury car we can say that the owner is from a wealthy family because of the appearance of it, however since we are just focusing on the outside appearance we didn't notice that the owner is not genuinely happy, they are experiencing anxiety, they are boastful because of money, they are loner, and they are devoted on their treasures.

As we look at the image it shows a small car, we can compare it on Plato’s philosophy “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” It explain that every success start at the small things. In reality if we're going somewhere there's a lot of stop over before we arrived to our destination such us traffic, accident, rocky road and narrow road. But we need to remember that small progress is still a progress.

And lastly, Not all people can say no especially if you are being influence by other people. Being able to say no to the bad things that people can offer you is a great thing because you can't easily influenced by the environment you are living in. And it is a strength that an individual should be proud of because you can't easily be swayed by the influenced by the people that are not really good for us. Just like what Plato says "Good action give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in other,".

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