Five Card Story: Brave heart

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Celebrating Christmas is one of the favorite occasion of the people especially the Filipino's. We Filipinos celebrating Christmas really early. Starting from September we are really excited, and starting to decorate our house with some Christmas décor. Since then we feel this kind of excitement, but then it suddenly change. In a single snap everything suddenly changed. We are now experiencing the scourge of the Covid 19. We really want to celebrate Christmas despite of this pandemic.

The children are the most excited when the Christmas are coming, but sadly they are all burdened with the online class and some are not that excited due to limited action we can and we can't celebrate it like it was before.

But then despite of this pandemic we can spread love around the world and help one another by sharing our blessings with some family that need some food to somehow celebrate Christmas even in simple way.

Together as one we Filipino's will climb from this Turmoil's of this pandemic. We drive our own car to move fast forward and arrived to the happy destination where we can feel again the excitement and unite again.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Choconancy1 (3) shareski (4) hummingcrow (5) bionicteaching

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