Five Card Story: Carl Rogers

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According to Carl Rogers, the self is a flower that may "grow." He also stated that in order for a person to "develop," they need an environment that fosters sincerity (openness and self-disclosure), acceptance (unconditional positive regard), and empathy (being listened to and understood). So that, in my first and second picture that I choose is symbolizes to myself, that it takes time to grow beautifully, life is not a competition so don't rushed it. We have a different persona to deal with it, and also we are growing as a beautiful flower that we didn't expect it. Like Rogers added, that relationships and healthy personalities will not develop properly without growing, just as a tree cannot grow without sunlight and water. Rogers felt that everyone could attain our life's ambitions, objectives, and desires. Self actualization occurred when, or rather if, they did so. But in my own perspective to the other pictures that I chose is that, I see myself as a person who prefers to be alone - like in the third and fifth photo. The fourth one, a sunset symbolizes, that it is the end of the it and there's something opportunities to take after that. And lastly, in five personality dimensions - I think, I'm in the "neuroticism" - because I am kind of person that easily to feel nervous and becomes moody.

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