Five Card Story: There is no end in life.

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a Five Card Flickr story by AUBREY created Oct 11 2021, 01:09:34 am. Create a new one!

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For the past year, I've been living a life with full of emptiness and loneliness. It started when my parents got divorce. Confused, pain, and scared is all overwritten in my face I don’t know what to do, several “Why” questions that I got in my head, I’m an only child, so I started to bottle up my emotions, I started to hide my problems, I don’t know how to reach out for help which is bad in my mental health. As a child, despair and sadness moved into my life like a fog, thought of self-harm sometimes lingered within that fog. I got furious to them, I love them, but I started to despise them to the point I don’t want to see them anymore. But after experiencing the love of my grandmother I started to forgive myself and my parents. Only by experiencing love and forgiveness myself, I discover to love and forgive the people who hurt me, especially my parents. My broken relationship with them became the ultimate test to know myself and to develop my ability to forgive. Struggles with memories of my family relationship that feels like a scar, but I know gradually I will trust them again, love myself, and I know someday we will create a happy memory together. I know this is not end of my journey to know myself, there is more challenges and struggles to face to have better understanding and learnings in life. There is no end in life.

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