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I am a person who employs my imagination and intuition to create something new or to alter something that already exists. Openness to new experiences, observance, curiosity, personal freedom, a willingness to take risks, self-reliance, persistence, and the freedom from fear of failure are all characteristics of creative people.
My persona reflects my personalities, and it falls under the category of Openness to Experience. As teenagers, we are naturally curious about a wide range of topics. Like you, I have a lot of things that come to mind that pique my interest. I am the type of person who enjoys making things look nicer, such as taking pictures of things. I also enjoy capturing different things as a hobby I'll also demonstrate my creativity when I edit photos. I experiment with various image editing apps.
I enjoy exploring new things because it allows me to learn new things. I'm imagining things similar to my dreams that I'd like to persuade in the future.
Everyone has a dream, and as we get older, we realize what we truly want to be in the future. My ambition is to become a flight attendant because I want to contribute in my country by serving and providing the best services I can. I chose these because I believe my skills will be useful in this course. And one day, this will be my dream job.

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