Five Card Story: Cotinuation and Limitation Towards Future

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a Five Card Flickr story by John Brent M. Viray created Oct 12 2021, 06:01:32 am. Create a new one!

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In the past years, I've been thinking if our skills and excellence are based on our lives. But I found out the answer to the philosopher I just discovered lately. His name is Plato and one of his philosophies is "Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act rightly because we are excellent in fact, we achieve excellence by acting rightly." In his philosophy, I found out that excellence is all about the hard work that we practice. Just like in the first picture, the first sign for the direction is deformed, and next to it is fixed. By that, it means that our way on the first will be hard and a mess so we need to practice to make it perfect on the next attempt. I can relate to that because every time I do something new is always failing at first. And even though it can be hard sometimes, still I need to continue and pursue what I need to accomplish. Sometimes in my life, my problems are very rough and difficult to solve. But, even though my problems are there, life must go on, and keep pursuing my dreams no matter what. Because in times like this, I always think about the negativities that give me anxiety and hard times. Luckily my friends are there for me to comfort and lessen my negative thoughts. Even though sometimes I don't tell them, but still they comfort me every time to help me get rid of the anxiety. Also, since I have been meeting a lot of new people, some of them are not considered my friend because some of them have a fake attitude. And that represents the third picture which is learning to stop and limit the people who were coming into my life. Because I really don't need many friends to talk to and vibe with. What I need is only the true ones and would be there for me when I need them. Because I've experienced being used only to pass something like grades. It is also hard though, to release some of my friends to continue and pursue my dreams because sometimes, they were the ones that will drag me down. In fact, I've been with them for so many years but to think that I need to let go of them, is hurting me also which is like in the fourth picture. It is very cloudy and almost dark, just like what I felt when I need to let go of them. Although I still need to continue and pursue my dreams because it is my top priority not only for myself but for my family. So I need to chin up and stand up whenever I feel so down on myself. Just like in the last picture which also represents that "don't stop until I reach the top." My dreams are not easy to accomplish so whenever I fail, I still need to continue and stand up for the sake of my future. It gave me a thought too that I shouldn't give "UP", I should stand "UP". So let us not lose hope because the future is in our hands.

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