Five Card Story: "The Walk on the Journey of Life"

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Our lives are somewhat similar to the lives of trees. At first, when trees are just saplings or young, they are fragile and will trample easily from all the storms they encounter. And they also face different seasons every year and change through each season. However, as the roots of the tree grow deeper and as they face many storms, they are able to become stronger and stand stall against all the weather they will face.
As we grew up, we faced many challenges and made decisions in life. We fell and got up repeatedly. But from all those mistakes and challenges we faced, we were able to grow stronger and withstand other challenges in life.
There were different roads or directions we had taken, and we could walk into, depending on the choices and decisions we made. These roads can be smooth ones or ones with a lot of potholes and rough edges. Life could sometimes be smooth and easy and could also be challenging. We could make mistakes, but we could learn something from this. It is to be patient and wise, to take time to think and analyze carefully, to consider the pros and cons before deciding or taking an action. By doing this, we can make wise decisions and have a great direction, because making rush decisions usually ends up with mistakes and regret.

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