Five Card Story: Virtue

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Socrates was born and lived nearly his entire life in Athens. His father Sophroniscus was a stonemason and his mother, Phaenarete, was a midwife. As a youth, he showed an appetite for learning. Socrates strongly believed (unlike modern society) that the cultivation of virtue is the most important pursuit in life. He believed that virtue leads to a good and fulfilling life. The virtuous person is one who does well for society, and is in control of themselves and their desires. For Socrates, god is a truly good being. To be truly or perfectly good implies that one has only goodness in oneself, no evil. In other words, truly good is the same as perfectly good—there is no evil in a perfectly good thing.Socrates' personality was in some ways closely connected to his philosophical outlook. He was remarkable for the absolute command he maintained over his emotions and his apparent indifference to physical hardships.

I was born in Talisay Calatagan, My father occupation is a bus conductor and my mother is a midwife. I was young when my parents taught me to be a good child to them. I realized that it is better to be good to other people, When I was young I did a lot of things that I was not proud of. Then I realized that doing those kind of things will never give me a good future, and that is when I started to search a solution or things that can help me to change my belief. Since then I have come to believe more that goodness is most important in life, I remember when I was in grade 10 I came home from school, there were many people in the house when I entered the door of our house I saw my aunt dead. I was surprised I couldn't believe it because I even talked to her when I left home to go to school. It has been painful for me to lose a loved one in life. I didn’t show them that I was hurting even though it was hard for me to accept. Since then I have learned to hide my true feelings, I no longer open my problems to those around me.

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