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Its been a long time since I've been home. I can think of the sounds of the ocean, the feeling of the air coming off the water. I visited my old home, an old apartment building. It hasn't been kept up, but it still brings back memories I'll always cherish. I wish I could go back in one more time. Near by is the playground I used to play at with my little brother and sister. As an older brother, I thought I hated it because I always had to babysit and watch my kid brother and sister, but even though my younger self wouldn't admit it, we had fun. I continued to walk around the city passing by old building we used to hang out by. The old stores that the city has forgotten about, people still shop there. I'm glad it hasn't been "renovated" into some bougie "authentic" coffee shop that is too high priced for the locals. Its still our city, our homes. I continued to walk downtown and even visit some of the tourist areas. Its my home, but I haven't been here in a while, and I kinda want to revisit some of those places I didn't cherish when I was younger, I've missed this. I need to come back here more often.

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