Five Card Story: kids suck

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Picture 1: Kids suck. Kids are not worth having.

Picture 2: They are just as loud and annoying as chickens; kids make a lot of noise. They can wake you up in the early hours of the mornings just to cry. They also scream for no reason... kind of like chickens and roosters.

Picture 3: Kids love sugar. Sugar leads to energy and stickiness... Kids get sticky fingers and then they touch EVERYTHING! So if you don't like you tabletop being constantly sticky and messy then don't have kids.

Picture 4: Some people, like myself, think that kids are totally worth it. They bring joy and comedy into your life, but so do significant others, friends, and families so kids aren't needed. They will also say it is enjoyable to watch them grow up, make friends, and see new things. These are nice but having kids costs a lot of money; money that you can use to travel and see things and make new friends yourself while improving your personal life. Studies show that most peoples marriage and life satisfaction decrease drastically after having kids.

Picture 5: Since kids are messy, loud, expensive, and time consuming they are annoying and therefore, not worth having.

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